Intro: Building a PLN in Twitter

Why Twitter?

Twitter Intro Video

Twitter in 60 Seconds

Twitter for Educators

Review Twitter basics in Twitter's FAQ

1. Getting Started: Set it up

  • Set up an account at
  • Create a profile
  • Upload a picture
  • Write brief description of your work and interests
  • Provide link to site that provides more information about you professionally, i.e. your blog, Linked In account, class website or wiki
  • Select a background for your Twitter page.
  • Select your settings. Note: Educators are reluctant to follow people who "protect their updates."

2. Set up Hootsuite

3. Read twitter feeds from other Educators

  • Do not start following a lot of people before you have posted a good number of posts that potential followers will find valuable!
    • The objective is to follow people and have them follow you back!
  • Get a sense of the posts that are out there by reading tweets of other educators. Typically, these fall into these areas:
    • Retweets- can be with or without your own comments
    • Resources sharing
    • Information sharing
    • Conversation
    • Direct Message


4. Post some tweets.makewayforducklings01.jpg

This is pre-loading your account with enough valuable information so that when you follow someone, and they take a look at your account to see if you are worthy of following - they'll see something of substance!

5. Follow some people: Tips for Who to Follow

The best tips I've seen come from @suewaters. In her blog post listed above, she posts:


Other Ways to View and Learn with Twitter